Amigoscode Certificates

Terminal, Bash & VIM Essentials Git and Github Essentials Relational Database and SQL Essentials Spring Boot | React | AWS – Upload Images using AWS API Spring Security Spring Data MongoDB Getting Started with Spring Boot Functional Programming & Java Streams Getting Started with Java Getting Started with Python Master The Best Python IDE PyCharm …

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Microservices with Istio and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

In this course, I learned about the twelve-factor app methodology, microservices, and Istio foundational technologies to connect, manage, and secure those microservices. I learned how to put all of those technologies together in IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. These cloud-native technologies are the essentials for building new apps for the cloud. Microservices are the building blocks …

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Alpha Java Track

During 440+ hours of intensive training, I gain access to key practical knowledge and insights needed to become the next Java developer — advanced Java, object-oriented programming, data structures and algorithms, high-quality code, unit testing, databases, front-end fundamentals, Spring MVC. 20% of the program was dedicated to polishing my soft skills. I develop the ability …

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Web Development

During my training, I was able to learn and use all the technologies I need to develop a complete web application like front-end, back-end, databases, CMS, and Web Server Administration.