Docker Essentials: A Developer Introduction

In this course, I learned how to use containers for my applications. I started with the basics: creating and running Docker containers, understand the layering and union file system, using best practices when developing Dockerfiles. By the end of the course, I learned how to run containers in production and how to solve problems of advanced orchestration such as high availability, service discovery, and reconciliation.


Set up Docker

Lab 1: Run your first container

  • What are containers?
    • Run a container
    • Run multiple containers
    • Remove the containers

Lab 2: Add CI/CD value with Docker images

  • Docker images
    • Create a Python app (without using Docker)
    • Create and build the Docker image
    • Run the Docker image
    • Push to a central registry
    • Deploy a change
    • Understand image layers
    • Remove containers

Lab 3. Orchestrate applications with Docker Swarm

  • Container orchestration overview
    • Create your first swarm
    • Deploy your first service
    • Scale your service
    • Apply rolling updates
    • Reconcile problems with containers
    • Determine how many nodes you need
    • Final exam

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