Microservices and Distributed Systems

Building and Deploying Microservices from scratch

  • Bootstrap With Maven
  • Create Microservices
  • Microservice Communication via HTTP
  • Service Discovery with Eureka
  • Open Feign
  • Distributed Tracing
  • API Gateway With Spring Cloud Gateway
  • Message Queues
  • RabbitMQ
  • Packaging Microservices to Runnable Jar
  • Packaging Jars to Docker Images
  • Kubernetes AKA k8s
  • Deploying Postgres RabbitMQ and Zipkin to k8s
  • Refactoring Microservices for k8s
  • Deploying Microservices to k8s
  • Managed Kubernetes Cluster with Linode
  • Kafka
  • Bringing Back API Gateway for Security
  • Security – API Key Authentication

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